We are pleased to announce that we are now offering a Reward Program to our clients.

**All invoices of $100 or more qualify you for a punch for each $100 paid for small animal and equine products and services.  This will include invoices from our online stores at My VetStore Online and Purina Vet Direct as well as in clinic.

**When you reach 16 punches we will credit your account $100.  This credit can be used toward the purchase of in clinic product and services at Aledo Veterinary Clinic.  Can not be redeemed for cash.

**We will administer and track the program for you, no need to carry a card to present, etc. We will text you with updates on punches earned and how many punches have been accumulated as you earn them.

**The program is not limited to an annual period and the effective start date of the program was May 1, 2019.  While no ending date has been established for this program, we do reserve the right to end the program at our discretion in the future.

We appreciate the trust you place in us in providing care for your pets and wish to thank you for your business!