Covid 19 Updates for Aledo Veterinary Clinic

The Coronavirus pandemic is impacting every aspect of our lives. The Aledo Veterinary Clinic is committed to providing comprehensive high-quality veterinary care throughout these trying times. The Aledo Veterinary Clinic will remain compassionate to our clients and their pets/livestock. We are advocates for the animal and will recommend the best care available. The Aledo Veterinary Clinic will remain open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic In order to protect ourselves and our clients we have enacted the following operational changes:

• The lobby is closed to the public.
• Only scheduled appointments will be seen. Please schedule via telephone.
• Only sick patients and patients with preventive vaccines 2+ weeks overdue will be seen. Nail trims, boarding, and elective surgeries will be suspended until the shelter in place directive is lifted.
• Sick patients will be screened and scheduled for an appointment and/or a telemedicine exam.
• Scheduled appointments must check in via phone with reception from their car in the parking lot. We will collect a brief history then ask you to bring your pet on a leash or in a carrier into the vestibule where one of our staff will admit the pet. We ask that you wait in the vehicle while the doctor examines the pet and administers medications. Reception will collect payment information via the phone and the pet will be released through the vestibule back to the owner.
• Only one pet and one owner is permitted into the vestibule at any given time.
• Medication refills will be handled via phone and distributed through the vestibule. Call reception before approaching the door. Better yet, arrange for home delivery by using our online stores at to order medications and request refills.
• Online scheduling of appointments will be suspended for appointment dates in March and April of 2020 to allow us to better manage the flow of patients during the pandemic.
• Country calls will remain scheduled; however, reception will call prior to Dr. Wicks leaving to ask safety questions and to assure that social distancing practices will be employed.

For more information on the COVID-19 pandenic from trusted sources please refer to our web page at and our Facebook page at

The COVID-19 pandemic will pass and life will return to normal. Now is not the time to panic but to come together (metaphorically) to help and support one another. Hold the course and follow the CDC’s recommendations, stay vigilant and soon the public will be public again. We are all in this together, I mean where are we going to go? The space station?

Best Regards,

Dr. Paul Wicks and Staff

Aledo Veterinary Clinic

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